Saturday, February 17, 2018

I'm a Dreamer and a Love Month Surprise!

 I edited this picture but the picture of the night sky is not mine. [source]

Maybe this is weird topic to talk about, but I feel like talking about anyway. Cause, we all have 'em, so why not address it? XD

I dream, you dream, we all dream. It's a fact of life. :P 

And today, my faery friends, I am going to talk to you about the wacky and wonderful dreams I've had in the past. 

I'm pretty sure you've all had some sort of dream where someone's running after you, right? Well, I don't think you had a dream where an onion chased you! 

Have you heard of VeggieTales or The Lord of the Rings? Or how about The Lord of the Beans??? For all of you who don't know, The Lord of the Beans is a VeggieTales retelling of The Lord of the Rings. 

And in that movie, the veggie that is supposed to be like Gollum is an onion... Named Ahem. Yup, Ahem. XDDD And he is creepy


I watched The Lord of the Beans when I was pretty little. And in the movie, Ahem chases the main character while moaning and groaning about needing his bean or something. 

And I had a nightmare where I was in that scene and Ahem was chasing me and moaning and calling my name. As a child, I was quite scared. XD Imagine yourself running from an onion, like that's creepy. And it's a giant onion with no eyes and stringy hair. >.< Talk about scary. XDD

In my tween/early teen stage of my life, I had a phase where I thought Teen Beach Movie and Ross Lynch were the best things since cake pops. Okay, I don't think I liked them more than cake pops! XD Cake pops are pretty hard to beat. :P 

In my dream, I think I just walked out of my house into my garage and my garage door was open. And, lo and behold, there was a whole film crew and cast on my driveway, including Ross Lynch. 

My whole family was just standing in our garage watching the movie people film Teen Beach Movie in front of us. I think my sister, Lostfairy, and I whispered about how crazy it was that Ross Lynch was right there, on our driveway. And then, I think I went to go talk to Ross, because why not? Who wouldn't want to talk to the cutest guy on the planet? Trust me when I say this, I DO NOT think Ross is cute, anymore. XD He has been replaced by other better looking guys on my celeb crush list. XDDD :P 

I think I just talked to him about random stuff (I don't remember what we talked about... :P) and I think he smiled at me. And I was happy. :P

This was the best dream of my life! Seriously. I wish I could go back to it. 

It was autumn. And everything had a golden glow to it. You know like in movies when there is a happy memory or flashback, there's a yellow filter on it? Well, that is what it looked like in my dream. 

I knew my family was all home and my parents were working in the flower beds in the front of the house. And my two sisters were helping me get two bright red balloons tied to my wrists. (I don't know where my bro was in this dream... Maybe in his bedroom? Or somewhere else outside? XDD) And once they were done helping me, I slowly started to lift up from the ground. I was flying! It was the most amazing thing in the world. If I tilted one way, I'd float that way and same thing happened if I went the other way. I think my mom warned me not to get to close to the road behind our house. XD But I wasn't worried. 

And the dream ended with me slowing floating over the hedge in my backyard. And my sisters were asking me when they could get a turn with the balloons.  

Everything was so happy and peaceful in that dream. :3 I loved it. <3

I don't get a lot of nightmares, but this is one I remember very clearly.

I was in a movie. And I was the bad guy...?! XD And I was in this teeny, tiny igloo (that was bigger on the inside than it was on the outside :P) and the igloo was a on a tall square mountain with northern lights in the background.

In the igloo, it was a science lab and I was the scientist... XD And there was a man and a lady who were supposed to be the good guys in the movie. And it was an intense scene and I was going to do something evil when all of a sudden the lady stabbed me with a needle. And she stabbed me right in the neck, too! Like, how rude! :O

The needle was supposed to be fake because it was in a movie... But it wasn't.

Everything started to get black on the edges of my vision and I think I had fallen when the lady stabbed me. The lady realized what she had done and that needle with the poison was real, and she kept saying she was sorry.

And then, as everything went black, I thought I was going to die.

I woke up in the dream a while later. I was lying on a bed in the igloo. And I had a bandage on my neck. And the lady was with me, too. I don't know where the man went... XD

I knew that I was a bit better but not out of the woods yet. I took off my bandage and felt the spot where the needle with the poison had gone in. There was a hole. And inside the hole in my neck it was crystallized.

The lady said that the poison was one that turned all the insides of a person into crystal...? And then the lady handed me the part of the crystal that would fit inside the hole in my neck like a puzzle piece. It looked really weird. I think the crystal was blue with a dot of red in the middle. :P

And then I knew if I wanted to live, I had to run around the outside of the igloo to get all the poison out of my system. And so I did. And it was cold and the wind was blowing super hard and there was barely any room for me to run around the ledge of the mountain.

And that's where the dream ended.

- - -

Heh, aren't dreams so weird? XD

On a completely different note! Since this month is the love month, I thought I wanted to show you faeries a little love. XD

Starting today and ending on the 28th of February at midnight, you can request one piece of art you would like me to draw! All you have to do is fill out this little form below so I know what you would like me to draw. :) And there's one condition: I only really draw one chibi/manga person in a picture, so I can't do more than one person and it can't be animals either, sorry!!!

-Manga or chibi:
-Eye color:
-Pose (if you want, I can decide that for you if you'd like):
-Anything else you want me to add:

 I hope you have fun thinking of who you want me to draw! :D

Happy (late) Valentine's Day! <3 (What kinds of dreams do you dream? :O)

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Art from the Past Few Weeks and WIP

Faeries! I must warn you... This is going to be a shortish post. XD I don't have a ton of art to show you, but I felt like showing it anyway. :D

I drew fan art! I love drawing fan art so much. XD I watched DanTDM play this game called "Among the Sleep." (Really cool game, you should see it! XD) And in that game, your character is a baby/toddler and there is nightmare dreamy stuff. AKA. it's super awesome! :P 
Anyway! I watched DanTDM play it. And I liked that series of videos he did on that game so much I wanted to draw fan art. So I did. As you can see, already. XD Yup, I drew DanTDM in a onesie. 
In my drawing, Dan was supposed to look more like a toddler rather than, like, a four or five year old. XD Oops. XP 

This one was inspired by a message I head at my church a couple Sundays ago. It was about how we can see God but not see Him. Like, we can see that God is God, but not the God who gives miracles or blessings.

I wanted to draw a picture about seeing without seeing. So I made the girl have wide open eyes like she's looking but she doesn't see the light so she is reaching out to find her way. Does that make sense? XD

Here's my school project!!! Remember how I mentioned that I had to draw a picture of a fourteenth century scene for my school? Well, here is it. XD

Heh, I'm not entirely sure if it's accurate. :P I just looked up on Google Images "fourteenth century england lords clothes" or something. XD I copied a picture of a lord's and a lady's clothes and made them totally chibi. XD 

Here's the picture I copied from. XD

By the way, do you know if they had duck ponds in the fourteenth century??? :P

This is my work in progress right now. I just inked it on Thursday and I hope to color it this weekend. :D If my Hamlet reading and essay stuff for school don't take up too much time or if I feel like coloring. XDDD

I used a reference photo for this; otherwise I wouldn't have done the background so detailed. XDD And if you are wondering how I got my lines so straight when I normally don't have straight lines in my drawings, I used a ruler. :3

He is sitting on some steps in front of some wooden doors, not sure if that really turned out to look like sitting, but, whatever, XD and he supposed to be leaning forward, again, not sure if that worked out. I think he'll look more like he is leaning once I color and shade it. :D 

What were you up to last week?

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Tales of the Month

Hello faeries!

Another Tales of the Month is in order. Whatcha think about that, aren't you excited???! XD :P

The False Prince by Jennifer A. Nielson

The book is about: Sage has been an orphan all his life; there were never any opportunities to do anything that could change the world. But that all changed when Conner, a nobleman, comes and takes him away. Conner says there is a way to stop the war that is surely to come if the king dies. But this way is not the most honest path to take. Conner wants Sage and some other orphans to compete for the role of being the king's long lost son. This grand scheme involves layers upon layers of treachery and deceit, and if Conner's plan works, than the truth must never get out.  

This book was so enjoyable. Even if I read it before and remember the ending quite well, I was still in suspense with all the action that was happening. And Sage is very clever and humorous character so that made the book even more likable. :D

I can't wait to continue the series! ^.^

Mister Monday by Garth Nix

The book is about: A young boy named Arthur was meant to die an early death. But a key shaped like a minute hand was given to him and Arthur lived. Someone with evil intentions is also wanting to get their hands on the key. Their name is Mister Monday, who lives in another land full of strange and magical things, and he will stop at nothing to claim that key. Arthur has to go to the land that Mister Monday is from to save himself and possibly the entire world. 

I was kinda at lost for which books to get from the library a couple of weeks ago. One of the most horrible problems in the world. Not knowing which book to read. XD So I was just wandering around the same bookshelves again and again, until I spotted this book, Mister Monday. I knew my brother, Josiah, read this book and most of the series and he enjoyed it. *shrugs* So I thought I'd give it a go. 

Let me tell you... it was very confusing. XD Like it had cool confusing stuff in there. But I just didn't really get the rules of the magical land... Josiah said that it gets less confusing as the series goes on. So! That means I need to keep reading The Keys to the Kingdom series!!! XD  I think I enjoyed the book, but I feel like I won't be able to properly form an opinion on it until I read more of the series. 

Talons of Power by Tui T. Sutherland

This book is about: Turtle thinks the best plan for everything is to hide and let someone else be the rescuer. I mean, he would probably just mess it up, right? Then all of a sudden a huge, evil threat comes to his world. And it seems like Turtle is the only one who notices it. Does that mean he is the only one with the power to stop it? Will Turtle have enough courage to finally play the hero? 

This book was so awesome!!!!!! The characters were the best things ever!!!!!!!!! XD I loved the action scenes at the end so so much. Reading this book from Turtle's point of view was hilarious. XD He kept making comparisons to characters in the books he reads to himself. :P It was great! :D

If you haven't read The Wings of Fire, then what are you doing?* It's, like, one of the best dragon series I know! XD

*Did anybody catch that DanTDM reference? XD

- - -

Sorry that I hadn't read a lot of books to talk about this time round! Hopefully, this month I'll read more that I feel like talking about! 

If you have any suggestions on what kinds of books I should read and talk about on here, please let me know!

- - -

GUYSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. I WATCHED THE DEATH CURE. AND OH MY GOODNESS. It. Was. Amazing! So intense. So feelsy. I can't even. 

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Idea Game - Random Generator Edition

Heyo, faeries!!

So, I spent a few hours drawing yesterday and today for you. XD *says in threatening voice*You'd better be happy!!! Or else! Mwhahaha! *is so evil even if no one knows what would happen to them if they weren't happy so no one is really scared, at all*

Have you ever heard of a drawing game called the Idea Game? I learnt about it from this drawing book called Manga Crash Coursesuper helpful book. To play the game, you have three different categories of six items. The first category is personalities and the second one is occupations and the third one is magic/abilities. Then you grab a die and roll it. And the number you get goes for the first category. And the next time you roll, you roll to see what you get in the second category. You roll again for the third category.

I changed mine up a bit. XD My categories were simply: adjectives (sorta personalities too...), occupations, and, last but not least, pets.

And to make it super crazy, I went online to use random generators. I was slightly surprised to find those kind of generators for occupations and adjectives and pets. XD 

In case you were wondering what my results were from the generators, I'll give you a list of all of them.

1. Energetic
2. Silent
3. Uppity
4. Bustling
5. Anxious
6. Enchanting

1. Zoologist
2. Computer Hardware Engineer
3. Architect
4. Reporter
5. Civil Engineer
6. Surveyor

1. Moose
2. Panda
3. Chameleon
4. Puppy
5. Llama
6. Eagle Owl (I'm not making this up! There is a kind of owl that is called an eagle owl... It's really just a big owl. XD)

Okie! Now, I will show what I was drawing! .

This was my first one. The words I got from rolling the die were enchanting zoologist with a pet puppy. XD I wasn't really trying hard at all to get the proportions right and didn't think the drawings needed a lot of details. Ahem! I wasn't sure how to make her "enchanting." So long hair and blush and a cute glow around her work! XD I was thinking of Animal Crossing when I colored the pink glow.

See? Happy pink glow!!! XD

The second rolling of the die I got silent computer hardware engineer with a pet moose. XD I had no idea what a computer hardware engineer looked like. I made him hold a laptop for the computer part and gave him a wrench thing in his back pocket for the hardware engineer part. C: XDDD 

Heh, my moose. He looks a little reindeer-ish. I think I was thinking of Sven... :P

Oh! And my little nerdy engineer is supposed to be shushing someone. Maybe his moose.

This is a bustling surveyor with a pet eagle owl. I didn't feel like drawing a land surveyor because that sounds a little boring... So I did a survey surveyor! XD I wanted him to look like he was in a rush so I made him walking and holding his clipboard and pencil in one hand and Starbucks coffee in another. :) Why do I feel like he just spotted his next victim to take his survey? XDDD 

His owl was supposed to be bigger. But... that didn't happen. XD

I drew a uppity architect with a pet panda. Hmm, not sure if she really that uppity looking but whatever! I'm happy with it! XDD I figured all architects wear suits, right? :P And pouty lips is a little uppity, no? And architects totally carry their plans with everywhere. *nods seriously* Mhm, I know my snuff. XD 

*talks in baby talk* Do you like me pandaaaaaaaaa? It's su coot, yesssssss? XD I think its my favorite pet I drew. :D 

- - -
So! That was my drawings from the Idea Game - Random Generator Edition. Whatcha think? I feel like this game would be helpful if you just felt like drawing but don't know what. :) You can play this game with friends or just by yourself. :)

I know I had lots of fun and will definitely do this random generator thing again. XD

- - -

And just to let y'all know! I replied to all the comments I said I was going to this week! Yay! Aren't you happy? :D XD :P

What kinds of drawing games have you played? 

Saturday, January 20, 2018

One Lovely Blog Award and Other Random Stuff

Howdy! *wink wink* Did you catch that reference to Undertale? XD

I'm so unprepared for this post today. DX Usually I have the post almost done by Saturday or at least try to be and have a clear idea about what I want to post... But not today! XD

Today is going to be full of random stuff. :P

I was thinking I had one or two tags I still needed to do. So I'll do one today. :)

I got tagged by Lostfairy for a tag called One Lovely Blog Award. :D She tagged two months short of a year ago. Oops. Sorry, Lost!!! D: So all you have to do for the tag is say seven facts about yourself. It's pretty simple.

Let's a go! *groans* I'm so full of references today.

  1. I don't like making cards. Yes, I'm a crafty kind of person. But making cards is not my strong suit. The math of measuring the right amount of card paper is a little confusing sometimes. XD But card making has been growing on me recently. So maybe one day, I'll have lots of fun making them. :P
  2. I only seriously started drawing a year ago. What I mean by seriously drawing is I actually wanted to learn more about art and techniques. Anytime earlier than a year ago I'd just say "Pffft, why would I want to know that?" if anyone tried to teach me anything about art. But now I just want to keep getting better and better and learn more and more.
  3. My family is my best friends. We all get along together so well. I love hanging out with them so much. Whenever we're together fun and laughter are always present. :D 
  4. Last summer I kept a detailed journal of everything I did. Heh, I don't really journal now. :P But right at the beginning of summer, I wrote in my journal almost every day. At the mid point to end point of the summer I didn't do nearly as much. XD And now I don't really do it at all. XD
  5. I laugh at everything. Seriously. My sis, Lost, she can say anything. And I will laugh at it. XD I don't know why I laugh so much, but it's fun. XDDD 
  6. You say three to five and I say five to three. Yup. For some random reason when I say numbers out loud like that I usually say the bigger number first. I don't know why, but that's just how I think. :P
  7. I could drink one hot chocolate a day and be happy. Okay, correction, I don't think I'd be happy to drink hot chocolate once a day in summer. XD I loooooovvve hot chocolate. It's so yummy and rich and warm. I love all kinds of hot chocolate; mint, white, mocha, french vanilla, pretty much any kind of hot chocolate. 
I know I'm supposed to tag other people, but I'm don't know who hasn't done it yet. So anyone who feels like doing this tag can!

- - -

Last week I told you faeries what I was working on. And now I'm done it and I feel like showing you!

It wasn't supposed to be at the beginning, but it turned out to look like Lostfairy a little bit. She doesn't have hair in that style, but the jacket and mittens and sweats look like hers. XD 

This is my first time doing lighting like that on the girl. And I had fun! :D It was easier than I thought it would be. I just had to color the turquoise bit on the girl first before I colored the rest. :3 

Here's the next drawing I'm working on.

*squeals* Doesn't he look positively evil and adorable?! XD That's what I wanted him to look like anyway. CX 

I made this online this week. :D I was thinking of a Peter Pan quote when I wrote this. ;) It didn't turn out like I was thinking it would. But I think I'm pretty happy with the result. 

- - -
I'm not sure if you know this about me yet, I like to bake a little. I can't say I'm very good. I am still such a newbie when it comes to baking. 

Anyway, I made cake pops/cake balls yesterday. I did the slash because they weren't really cake pops... Because I didn't feel like putting them on sticks. XD So they are cake balls. 

Oh goodness, in the picture they look gross. Sorry for the bad quality pic!!!  
It's a salted caramel mocha chocolate cake ball. 

I kinda made my own recipe with these... XD Like I did use recipes, but I put the recipes together.  I used a simple chocolate cake recipe for it. And a mocha frosting recipe. And a easy caramel sauce recipe. And then my mom had some chocolate sea salt to sprinkle on it. 

I think they tasted pretty good. But it was probably because Tracey, my older sis helped me make the frosting and my Mom helped me make the caramel sauce. XD

- - -

I'm really sorry for not replying to your comments in the past few weeks. I will try my best to catch up on comments next week! 

What have you been doing last week? Do you like cake pops? 

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Art from Christmas

Hey faeries!!!

Whew. This week has been, well, school-filled. It's weird to think that just last week I wasn't doing school and now I am. D: The only good thing that I can think of about school is one of the projects I have to do. And it involves drawing!* Yay! I get to draw a scene of some people from the fourteenth century. I'm thinking of drawing some cute little chibi people in fancy old fashioned outfits in a castle courtyard or something. :D I'll show you guys when I'm done it! 

*I don't have an art class in my school (aka. my home XD) so this is super cool for me! XD

- - -   

Remember when I said I was working on some art but I couldn't show you it because I was going to give it to my siblings for Christmas?

Well, Christmas is definitely past now. So I think it's safe for me to show you. ;) XD

Often when I draw for my family members I try to draw something from a movie or TV show or some other fandom that they really like. But for my Mom and Dad, it's kinda super hard to think of something like that. But this year, I asked my parents if it was okay if I drew them something random. (No, I didn't spoil their Christmas gift! The whole family knew I was drawing pictures for them for gifts. They just didn't know what I was drawing. XD) So my gift for them was just a random girl I came up with from the top of my head. ^.^ 

I didn't look at any reference base pictures for this drawing, so the proportions might be a little off. XD But it was sooooo nice making the girl's sweater have long sleeves so I didn't have to draw hands!!!!! I went a little willy-nilly with her hair, but I think it turned out okay. XD 

I drew this picture for my older sister, Tracey. It's from an amazing story called The Brightest Thread she wrote and wants to get published! :O It's a Sleeping Beauty retelling. 

I used no base for this... And I should have! DX I made the guy's neck and head waaaaaay too small. *cries forever* And the girl's head looks little... wonky. XD

Yeah, I like it for the most part. But I keep seeing all the mistakes. 

I drew this for my bro, Josiah. He likes these three YouTubers. From left to right, Jacksepticeye, DanTDM, and Markiplier. 

In case you don't know what they look like, I made a handy-dandy collage of them. 

The pictures of these guys are some of the ones I looked at while drawing. XD

I'm pretty sure those guys are goofy. Not for sure, I've only watched one video of Markiplier and none of Jacksepticeye. But I have watched tons of DanTDM so I know he's silly! XDD And I wanted to draw them all doing some kind of silly-ish pose. 

The drawing is one of my favorites I drew for my family this Christmas. ^.^

Credit to Lostfairy for taking a picture of my drawing. XD
It's Link! I love The Legend of Zelda so much!!!! Link is my video game crush... XDD 

I drew this picture for my sister, Lostfairy. <3 She loves The Legend of Zelda video games a lot, like me. :P And one of her favorite games is The Skyward Sword. So I drew Link wearing the outfit he wears in that game. But his hair is a tad on the greenish side in that game, so I changed it to be more yellowy blond like from Breath of the Wild. :P 

Here's a picture of Link from The Skyward Sword. :) 

In case you wanted to know, I used a reference base for my drawing.

It's a pretty simple base, but I still had a hard time with the hands. XD (Though, I think the Link drawing is again one of my favorite drawings I did for Christmas.)

I drew this for a good friend of mine for Christmas. :3 She really likes this TV show called Avatar: the Last Airbender. And I love it, too! XD And one of her favorite characters is a firebender named Zuko. <3 

Here's picture of him. XD Zuko's such a grumpy guy, but I love him. XDDD

- - -

I don't know if you guys want to know, but here's something I'm working on at the moment. :D

I still have to add the light spots and stuff to her eyes and then I'll color it. C: 

I felt like drawing her in a parka because it's still really cold outside and I don't do a lot of winter pictures, in general. And for some random reason I wanted to draw a magical tornado. XDDD I don't know why I felt like drawing that. :P 

- - -

Welp, I think this post is done for today! XD I hope you guys enjoyed! And have an amazing weekend!!! :D

What's your favorite video game or TV show?

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Tales of the Month

Wow! I can't believe it's time for another Tales of the Month blog post. :o I haven't read a whole lot of books last month that I feel like talking about, so sorry if this post is a tad on the short side. 

A World Without Heroes by Brandon Mull

You know what's funny? I read this book January of 2017 and I reread it again in December because I wanted to read the rest of the series. And I didn't remember a single thing about the book! XDD So it was almost like a new book for me. :P 

The book is about: Two kids who travel to another world, Lyrian. And at first all they want to do is get home, but that slowly changes when they realize how desperate the people of Lyrian are for a hero. An evil wizard named Maldor is in control of Lyrian and he is manipulative and a big fat meanie. No, he's not actually fat. He's just really mean. XD

I like the fantasy world in the book. The author definitely knows how to make up creative creatures and people. :D And I like the main character's quick thinking. XD   

The Story Thieves by James Riley

This book is awesome!!! The main characters are the cutest. ^.^

The book is about: Owen, a boy who is very bored with his life. And all he wants to do is read his favorite series about Kiel Gnomenfoot. And one day Owen finds out that one of his classmates is half-fictional. Which means that she can travel in and out of books! :O And so Owen convinces the half-fictional girl named Bethany to take him into his favorite book. And crazy adventures ensue after that. XD

I love this book so much. I hope my library gets the other four books in the series soon! If they don't, I'm going to have to sue them until they do!!! Wahaha!!! I'm so evil!!!!! Not.  XD The Story Thieves is hilarious, I was almost laughing on every page. :P

Everland by Wendy Spindale

Yesh, I know I mentioned this book before, but I had to mention it again because it's so good. XD And it's Peter Pan!!! XD 

If you want to read a more detailed review of  what I think of Everland click here!  

Nicholas St. North and the Battle of the Nightmare King by William Joyce and Laura Geringer (Could this title get any longer? XD)

I have so many fond memories of my dad reading some books in this series to me and my sister and my mom. ^.^ This book feels a bit like a classic to me. And the beautifully drawn pictures just add to that feeling. 

The book is about: The book is about a magical village called Santoff Claussen, where anything is possible if you believe. Nicholas St. North (you would sooner know him as Santa Claus) comes to the village and meets the wizard that lives there and befriends a young orphan. And many adventures are had as they try to stop the Nightmare King and his Fearlings.  

You probably have heard of the movie Rise of the Guardians, right? This series is connected to that movie! Seriously! The author, William Joyce, is the director of the movie. XD But this series takes place long before the Rise of the Guradians, which is pretty cool because you get to learn the backstories of some characters. :D
- - -

Well, I hope you guys enjoyed seeing what I have read in the past month! 

Can someone please make winter break longer? DX

What were your favorite books you read last month?