Saturday, July 29, 2017

Mocha, the Cutest Dog I Know

Hullo, everyone!

I felt like doing a post about an adorable little dog I know called Mocha. Mocha is a little Yorkie Pomeranian mix I walk every few weeks with my sister, Lostfairy. For the past two or three years, we dogsit her for a week or so in summer and sometimes a weekend in the school year.

Mocha has a pretty big personality; she's sweet and a wee bit sassy. (Beware: if you have any bag that rustles, she will think it must be her bag of treats. And she will sit and be a very good little dog so you will give her a treat. And if you don't hurry up and give her what's in the bag, Mocha will start whimpering and standing up on her hind legs to grab it.) She likes to lick quite a bit. If you have her on your lap, she most likely start licking your knees or something. She likes licking her toys, her couch, other people's couches, and basically whatever is in reach of her tongue. If she gets too cold in the winter when you're on a walk with her, she'll just stop and shiver. (Then you have to carry her home.)

Here's some pictures of her.

Isn't she so cute?!

Mocha is so sweet looking when she's sleepy.

She loves eating our grass, so she probably looking for some delicious greens when the picture was taken. Teehee! 

Mocha's hair got so long one time that her owner put her hair in a ponytail.

This is lovely closeup view of Mocha...

She looks so sad! And cute!! 

Dis is Mocha when she recently got a hair cut. She looks so tiny!
- - -

On a side note, I read The Scorch Trials by James Dashner a while back. It was good, but kinda violent. But thinking back on it, I enjoyed and I want to read the next book in the series. There are some things in the second book that make me curious about what the third book will have in store.

- - -

What did you guys think of Mocha? (Isn't she just the cutest?) Have any of you read The Scorch Trials? 

Friday, July 21, 2017

Small Art Post

Hi guys!

As you can tell by the title, I'm going to be posting my art today. I haven't been drawing that much lately so the art I'm showing is from a few months ago and a couple of weeks ago. 

I did this chibi adventurer girl a few months back. It was fun making up my own chibi pose and outfit. I love doing girls with long hair! So much more hair to color. (I love coloring hair). 

I like how my mossy rocks turned out. But I don't like how my trees roots look. That is for sure a point in my art that I need to grow in. 

Okay, when I first started drawing this guy, I was planning to make him Captain Hook from Once Upon a Time. But that did not work out, at all. Captain Hook looked like a teenager, not an adult. For some reason I couldn't get him to age. So I decided to just change it up completely. And that's what turned up. 

I think the eyes look good. (Yes, one is smaller than the other, but who cares? It's okay not to be perfect.) The smile is pretty good, too. I see things I would like to change, like the ears, for example. (Now I know for next time to make sure the ears are a good and proper size.)

This is the one I did a couple weeks back. I wanted to draw someone that wasn't just a head shot but not a full length picture either. 

Those hands were hard. I had to draw them so many times and they still didn't go out the way I wanted them to. I had inked them and then taken another look at them and saw they were awful. So I whited the worst one out a bit. Then I inked it again. And since the ink was done on white out it didn't dry that fast so I accidentally smudged it. I was like, "Phooey. Now it's wrecked." Then I realized I could improvise. So I drew a about of little black lines and smudged those, too, to make it look like I had smudged it on purpose the first time. 

I enjoyed picking out the colors for the magical smoke. And I rather like the way her hair is colored. 

A while back, I had started watching Book 2 of Avatar: The Last Airbender with my friend on a sleepover. And we watched one where there was a blind girl in it. I really liked the way the artists made her eyes look blind, so I kinda tried to do that myself. I think it worked out pretty good. 

Here's a picture of the blind girl, in case you don't know what she looked like. 

Now that I'm looking back at her and my picture, they aren't quite the same but that's okay. 

- - -

A week and half-ish ago, my sisters and my mom and I had a girl's day shopping. I bought the first Sherlock Homes book. It looks like this:

I have never read any of the Sherlock Homes mysteries, but I want to give it a try. I think I read it early August. 

And then I also went to a giant craft store and got a big set of colored pencils. (I saw some brush markers but they were really expensive, so I didn't buy any.) But I'm really excited about using my own set of colored pencils! I got a pack of 74! This is what my box of pencils looks like. 

I haven't used them yet, but when I do, you guys will get to see the first picture I color with them!

- - - 

What did you guys think of my art? Have you ever read Sherlock Homes? What do you like to use best for your art; markers, colored pencils, online paint, regular paint or something else?

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

The Steadfast Pen - Blog Launch

Hallo, everyone!

Today is going to have a special post! My brother, Josiah Dyck, just launched his blog last Friday and he asked me to do a blog launch for him. (I said yes, of course. Wouldn't want me to be a mean sister, now would we?)

His blog is called The Steadfast Pen. (Nifty title, right?) He is going to do posts about books and writing and a bunch of other cool things on there! You can check out his blog here.

So for this blog launch I'm doing an interview with him. My sisters and another follow blogger did blog launch interviews too.

Here's links for them all:

My interview with Josiah is about bookish things because this blog has to do with books. (Obviously.)  

The Steadfast Pen Interview

Chloe: What's your favorite book genre?

Josiah: Ooh, that's an easy one! My favorite genre is fantasy, particularly YA fantasy. Though I suppose some series I like are placed under the MG fantasy section, so there's that too. I also like action/adventure, along with other genres, but fantasy is definitely my favorite.

Chloe: What book world do you wish you could live in?

Josiah: I'm going to give a twofold answer and say that, if the world had to be one of my own creations, I'd choose either Yashan from my Darkened Slumber story or the world in The Portal Chronicles, which I have yet to rename. (The original name was too similar to other made-up world names.) If I had to live in someone else's world, I would probably pick Middle-Earth or Araluen (from the Ranger's Apprentice series).

Chloe: Which book character that you have read is most like you?

Josiah: Boy, I've read about a lot of characters; choosing one is gonna be hard. Maybe Hal from the Brotherband Chronicles, or perhaps Sam Hopkins from Crazy Dangerous. Hal and I are both creative people who can sometimes be overlooked by others, and sometimes our ideas don't work out because we missed a small detail, which frustrates us to no end. Sam feels very relatable because he wants to do the right thing, but he can get scared about what he has to do. He's willing to see past what others say and dig down to the heart of the matter. I dunno, these two guys feel similar to me in some regards.

Chloe: What is your favorite book? (Besides the Bible. ;D )

Josiah: There goes my answer. XD Well, I can't really pick just one book or series that's my favorite. But one of my favorite stand-alone books is Vigilante by Robin Parrish. Because, you know, I love superhero stories, and this one had a lot of amazing themes in it, with great character arcs and interesting characters. If you haven't read it, I highly recommend it.

Chloe: Do you like reading classics?

Josiah: Depends on the classic, I think. I mean, I love The Lord of the Rings, Jules Verne's stories, Hamlet, etc. But I feel there are some classics I just can't get into, and won't ever read, such as The Pilgrim's Progress or Pride and Prejudice or anything like that. The classic has to interest me in some way to get me reading it. 

Chloe: What main book genre have you never read?

Josiah: I have never, and probably will never, read horror. Creepy thrillers I can handle. Horror is a completely different story, and yes, that pun was intentional. It's a genre that tends to get very weird and dark very quickly. (My original answer was going to be romance, but I have read a romance trilogy, so I couldn't use that as my response.)

Chloe: If you could only read three books for the rest of your life and nothing else, what would they be?

Josiah: Seriously? I have to pick only three books? Well, if I have to. I'd pick the Bible (particularly in the Voice translation), Vigilante by Robin Parrish, and Burning Thorns by Christine Smith. Those were the first three answers off the top of my head. If I thought about it too long, I'd never be able to decide. XD

Chloe: Have you ever read Peter Pan, if not would you? (If you haven't read it and won't read it, you are no longer my brother. XD Kidding! Maybe.)

Josiah: I have never read Peter Pan in my life, and I never will . . . just kidding. I might pick it up sometime, especially if our sibling relationship is in the balance. I'd have to see if it's my kind of classic story.

Chloe: What is the most hated book you have ever read?

Josiah: Vanish by Tom Pawlik is one of my least favorite books that I have ever read--and the sad thing is that it's a Christian fiction story. I hate it when Christian fiction authors seem to think that they can get away with a poorer quality of writing and cram preachy messages into it. I don't remember a whole lot about the story, but what I do remember is that I slogged through it and didn't enjoy it. The premise sounded decent, but the execution was sloppy. I can't recommend this book to anyone, even though it won an award. I'm really not sure how.

Chloe: What's your favorite villain? And why?

Josiah: I have many favorite villains, but Lord Burleigh from the Bright Empires series by Stephen R. Lawhead. Why? Because he's a ruthless and roguish gentleman, which makes for a pretty awesome villain in my books. And then there are other reasons that I can't disclose, due to spoilery things.

Chloe: What's your favorite weapon that you have read in a book?

Josiah: I'd have to say the Word from the Beyonders trilogy by Brandon Mull. Again, I cannot really give my reasons why because they involve spoilers. Just go read the series yourself and you'll see why!

Chloe: How many pages is a happy length of a book for you?

Josiah: Mmm, I'd have to say 300-450 pages is a pretty comfortable length for me. Anything less than the 300 feels too short in my mind, for the most part. If it exceeds 450 pages, and it's not an interesting book, I can get bored of reading the same book--if that makes sense.

Chloe: Which book series have you wished would be longer, but it isn't?

Josiah: I'd have to say either the Montmorency series or the Imperial Commando series. The last book of the first series ended off on a huge cliffhanger, and there was never another book, which was frustrating. The Imperial Commando series had picked off where the Republic Commando series left off, but there was only one book published. I had wanted to find out what happened to the characters, so it was disappointing that I never did.

Chloe: Which book would you really want to be a movie and why?

Josiah: It's not really a book, but I want the Ranger's Apprentice series to be adapted into a movie. Then again, it'd probably be multiple movies. If they have a big budget and a great cast, they would make awesome movies. At least, that's my opinion.

Chloe: If you could only talk to people about one book, which one would it be?

Josiah: I'm going to exclude the Bible for this question and say . . . one of my own! XD I really don't know. I can't choose just one book to talk about. I'm just going to pick a random one and say A World Without Heroes by Brandon Mull. Like I said, picking one is super difficult.

Josiah: Thanks for having me here on your blog, Chloe! ^_^

Chloe: You're so welcome, bro! I liked reading what you had to say about books.

What did you guys think of the interview? I hoped you enjoyed it. And if you want to read more of Josiah's stuffins click here!

Saturday, June 24, 2017

The Throne of Fire - Book Review

A few weeks ago I read The Throne of Fire by Rick Riordan and I kinda feel like doing a little review of what I thought of it. (Beware if you have not read this book there may be a few spoilers!)


This book was kinda meh for me. I didn't feel like I connected with the characters as much as I had with the Percy Jackson series. It was good, but just not quite the same quality as Mr. Riordan's first series.

Yeah Points  
  • The Kane siblings can be a funny pair.
  • It has a cool looking cover!  
  • The chapter called The House of the Helpful Hippo had an interesting idea about forgotten gods. 
  • The Duat is definitely a place I don't wanna go to... (And that's a good thing when it comes to reading books.)
  • As far as creepy looking bad guys go, Vlad is totally up close to the top.
  • Ra was a hilarious old man, who spoke gibberish.
  • Anubis is a awesome looking character. (I mean, who wouldn't like a thousand year old god that looks like a teenage biker complete with a black leather jacket?) 

Nah Points
  • I'm not sure what to make of the "balance between Chaos and Ma'at." It's a little weird, to be honest. 
  • Sadie uses God's name in vain a few too many times. 
  • The belief in Ma'at feels a lot like it's trying to be like Christian belief but in the wrong way. 
  • Vlad sacrifices a demon to the god Chaos.
  • At one point in the book, it makes it sound like Moses from the Bible was a Magician (AKA. it was the power of the gods that made Moses able to part the waters).

All in all, I wouldn't say this was the worst book ever. But it's just not my favorite. 

If you have read The Throne of Fire, what do you think of it?

Monday, June 12, 2017

Summer Bucket List


Hey guys! Sorry for taking an unsaid hiatus from blogging for a month! I'll try to do more blog posts this summer.

Wow, I can hardly believe it's summer! (Well, technically speaking it's not summer till June 20th, but it sure feels like summer out there! So I think it counts to say it's summer already, right?) I love almost everything about summer. The birds are singing outside. The grass and trees look so much more livelier. There's no school. More time to read. Beaches to go to. Ice cream to eat. Flowers are blooming everywhere. Even yellow dandelions make things look cheerful.

Yes, it's true, I love summer.  

And to celebrate summer, I'm going to do a Summer Bucket list.

My Summer Bucket List:

  • Hang out with my family lots
  • Draw lots more manga
  • Bike as much as possible
  • Read The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins (never read this book, but I got it at a book fair and heard it's good)
  • Eat lots of candy
  • Read Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie (I love this book so much, I have to read it again)
  • Paint online more
  • Write my essay for school that I was supposed to actually do in the school year, not in summer
  • Read outside lots
  • Read more of the Septimus Heap series by Angie Sage (the first book was so awesome)
  • Learn to cook and bake things better
  • Keep up my daily journal that I started this month
  • Blog more frequently
  • Read a play (anyone have a suggestion on which play?)
  • Draw chibi tons
  • Buy books
  • Read a classic
  • Rollerblade and skateboard more 
  • Have the best summer ever! 

What's your favorite thing about summer? What did you think of my summer bucket list? What's on your summer bucket list? 

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Online Art

Hey guys! Lately, I've been doing a bit more online art. It's been quite fun! I'm not as good online as on paper, but I try and that's what counts. 

I started drawing online later last year, in fall, I think. And here's my one of my first attempts. 

(For all of you who are curious, the art program that I used was, actually a online game. It's called Animal Jam. You can draw (or paint or whatever you wanna call it) and then make that into an item (called masterpieces) which you may put up in your house in the game. Then others online can view it and "like" it if they think it looks nice. (By the way, the numbers by the heart are how many likes I got for the art.))

This is my art of Kirby. It's super basic because I was still getting the hang of drawing with a mouse and not a pencil. To me, it's kinda a "meh" drawing. Like why did I draw an outline around the main body and not his shoes? Although, the part I do like about this drawing is Kirby's eyes. They're pretty cute.

This is the next one I did. I drew it for me and my sister's online friend we have known for years. I rather like it. There's really nothing I would change, at the moment. For this art, I used a lot of circles and the erased what wasn't needed. 

I drew this art for my sister's birthday. It's of my sis and two guys she has crushes on. I really, really, really wish I had worked harder on their heads! I should have made them more square-ish. And I wish I had made the guy on the left have better hair. It's too small! My sis and the middle guy turned out the best. 

I made this with an extra account, in case, you were wondering why the name switch at the bottom. Usually, I play with Koolestkat, but this time I used koalaholiday. 

Me and my sis were kinda being goofy and decided that I would say three random things to my sis and she would draw them. And then later, she said three random things to me, and I drew them. The one above is what I drew. My sis had said a fairy, a flying sheep and a cupcake. This was done without a care for perfection, so please take that into consideration... (Aka. it's messy and goofy.) 

I did this in March this year. (Can you tell it's inspired by St. Patty's day???) I like the way the moss turned out. I used a cool spray painting tool.  

These are the lyrics to one of my favorite songs by Royal Tailor. I kinda think the moon and comets look neat. 

No, I did not draw this because of Justin Bieber!!! I don't listen to his music, at all. So don't get any ideas. I drew this because my church youth group had a special number and this was the song they played. I really liked the way the guy sang it and so I drew the title.  

I hadn't really done chibi people with bright hair, until this art. I think I'd go so far as to say, this is one of favorite online art I have ever done. Her hair turned really cute and the pose is pretty cute, too. The background was fun to do because it's so simplistic, but it looks cool.

This here is my latest one, dating back to a few weeks ago (I think). I really like the dog. (I think it's the best part of the masterpiece.) The dandelion was interesting to do. But I think it looks like what it's supposed to. 

What do you think of my online art? Do you draw any online art? If so, do you prefer paper or online? 

Sunday, April 23, 2017

The Sunshine Blogger Award

'Ello, folks!

My dear sister, Tracey, (kinda) recently tagged me on her blog to do this tag. She is a fabulous writer, and I totally recommend checking out her blog. She writes about life and writing and other bookish things.

There are a few rules for this tag, such as: answer the 11 questions from the person that tagged you, and then make-up new 11 questions for the next 11 people you tag!

Alright, on to the Sunshine Blogger Award tag!

1. What's the most addicting app on your phone?

Well, I don't own a phone, so I can't, technically, say what the most addicting app is for me. But my mom has a iPhone that I use sometimes and the app that I use the most on there is the iBooks app... I know, how bookwormish is that? But if I did have a phone the most addicting app would probably be Snake Off or something of the like.

2. What's a song that speaks to your life right now?

You see, I get a new CD or I find a band I really like, and that will be all that I listen to 24/7 for months on end. So for Christmas, my sis and I got both Royal Tailor CDs and gah! I just love them both so much! The music is so uplifting and fun. 

The ones (yes, ones, I'm a girl of many answers) that speak to me right now are, "Hold Me Together," "Wannabe," "Freefall," and "Original." They just sum up all that I'm going through. Life will hold some really big changes for me in the next coming years. And change is sometimes a really scary thing, so it's good to know God knows what's going to happen and that he'll be there, no matter what. And lately I've been thinking about who I wanna be when I'm older and who I want to be now.  So those songs speak to me a lot right now.

3. Do you have a book or movie that's your "happy place"--a fictional world into which you retreat when you need a breather? What is it?

One of my favorite authors is Wendy Mass. And she has this trilogy called "Twice Upon a Time." The last book written in the series was a Beauty and the Beast retelling, "Beauty and the Beast: the Only One That Didn't Run Away." That book is a happy place for me. It was somewhere I could go and feel safe in the familiarness of it. The main characters are 12, that's quite a bit younger than me, but I still love it. I think I read it the first time when I was 12 or 13. I took my copy to a new camp for me because I wanted something to read that I knew I would enjoy and it was like taking a bit of comfort with me.

4. What's a book you were (or are) looking forward to so much you're scared to read it, for fear it won't live up to your expectations?

Hmm, I truly can't think of a book like that for me.

There were some movies like that for me. The LEGO Batman movie was like that for me. Everyone was saying it was so good and "The LEGO Movie" was so good as well, I wanted to like it just as much as everyone else had. I watched it in theaters awhile ago, and it turned out to be really funny. It was different than I expected, but it was a good different.

5. If you had to have all of your past memories wiped except for one day, which day would you choose to remember?

I can think of two evenings I would like to keep, but I can't think of a specific day I would like to remember.

First one is, I was driving along with my whole family. We were on vacation and we decided to do some late night shopping. It was dusky out, and we had been driving a long time that day. We were all a little overtired. And being overtired can lead to being super grumpy or super hyper. The latter was what happened to us. We were laughing super hard and joking as we drove to and walked around Walmart. (I wonder what the workers were thinking about us...) We laughing the hardest at the obliviousness of my sister, who didn't know there was a certain someone that was looking at her quite a bit at church. We all knew about him liking her for the longest time, and she didn't suspect a thing about him. And on our vacation, we finally told her with much laughter. (Sadly, we went to church the next time he wasn't there, nor did he back the next, he hasn't come back since.)

Second one: Just this year, my sis and I went to our church youth group when it was having a dance. We got to dress up fancy (which, by itself, is a fun thing to do, but dressing up to go to a dance is even funner). When we got there, we listened to the message and then it was time for the dance. I was so nervous about dancing in front of people I didn't know. So we didn't dance for the first bit. We just sat and ate some chips and drank a hot beverage (hot chocolate or mocha, probably). I really wanted to go dance but I was still nervous. Finally we got up the courage to go on to the dance floor. I mean, we were at a dance, our first dance, and we couldn't just go home and say, "Yeah, Mom and Dad, we went to the dance, but didn't actually dance at all." So, of course, we convinced ourselves to go to the dance floor and dance. But, man, once we got started dancing, it was a blast! We danced whatever came to our heads, and we laughed like crazy! We were the "best" dancers there! We sometimes saw our two oldest siblings (they were volunteering that night at youth) and their looks they gave us were hilarious! They were like, "What are those two doing?!"

And, at the end of the night, when people were already trickling off, there was a bit of a dance off between two guys. And everyone left was gathered in a circle around them, watching them, My sis and I were still dancing away, without a care in the world.

That was one of my best nights ever!

6. What question would you like to ask one of your favorite authors?

I love the book "Peter Pan" to pieces. I want to re-read it a thousand times and more. The humor is absolutely adorable and the characters are lovable (Peter Pan and Wendy, especially). I think I would like to ask J. M. Barrie where he got the idea for Neverland and the whole story about Peter Pan. And what happened in the adventures with Peter Pan (and the Lost Boys and Wendy and Tinkerbell) he mentioned in his book but doesn't tell. 

Another favorite book of mine is "Alice and Wonderland." (I like children's classics, can't you tell?) I would like to Lewis Carroll how he came up with such wild ideas.

7. If you had to describe yourself as one of the four seasons, which would it be?

I think I would say I was Spring. I like to think of myself as cheery and bright. But sometimes I know I can be a bit chilly and rainy, too. But that doesn't usually last for long. 

Another reason I would say I'm Spring is because I'm kind of quiet in crowds, but if you hang out with me awhile, I'll open up like a flower in the sun. And when I'm comfortable with someone, I can become loud, like the birds when they welcome a new morning.

8. What's your personality type? (Myers Briggs, DISC, whichever test you prefer.)

 I'm a INFP for the Myers Briggs test. Which means I'm a mediator. And an introvert.

This so me... 

The I is for introversion, N is for intuition, F is for feeling, and P is for perception. 

9. An envelope containing $500 shows up on your doorstep. On what do you spend it?

Books, gimme books!!! 

I would also want to buy gifts for family and friends. I love giving gifts, it's so much fun to see the look on the person face when you give them something they really love. (And it's fun just anticipating giving the gift.)

10. Would you rather be trapped in a lamp, a tower, or an enchanted sleep?

Tower. Then you can at least read books. In a lamp, you have no way to get books but in a tower you can beg the witch to get you more books. 

But on the other hand... In an enchanted sleep, you're sleeping. So you wouldn't realize how much time is going by. You would prick you're finger one minute and fall a sleep and the next minute, voilĂ ! You would be awakened by a kiss! But there would be the whole problem of sleeping a hundred years and then all your friends and family would die... 

So, yeah, no, enchanted sleep is not for me. I guess, tower is the winner!    

11. Which Disney villain(ess) do you find the most scary?

Hmmm, do you mean scary as in scary looking or scary as in it scared me out of my wits? I'm going to assume the latter. (Though, I don't think I've ever been scared out of my wits by a Disney villain.)

Well, when I first saw the question, I thought of Disney Princess villains, not just Disney villains in general. Since there is so many Disney villains, I'm going to just say the one I find the scariest of the Disney Princess villains.

I think the most scary Disney Princess villain would be Ursula. I mean her looks are scary enough by itself (she has eight legs!). But then you add her collection of "soul-seaweed" things and you get super scary. I mean, she stole Ariel's voice, for pizza's sake! And then she pretends to be some good-looking young lady so she can marry Prince Eric! Like talk about creepy. Ursula is way older than the prince, ick. And she keeps eels as pets! Double ick. Eels are just plain creepy. Period.

So yeah, that why I find Ursula the scariest Disney villain.


Here are the new questions!

1. If your life was a book genre, what would it be and why?
2. Who is your biggest fictional hero?
3. If you could famous for only one reason, what would it be?
4. What's your favorite dream you have ever dreamt at night?
5. What Bible verse is speaking to you right now?
6. What is your favorite drawing style?
7. What is your favorite childhood memory?
8. What's your favorite TV show?
9. What's your favorite book of all time?
10. If you could have a superpower, what would it be?
11. If you found a magical portal and you could choose where you'd want to go, where would you go?

Alrighty, now I'm going to tag 11 more people. Well, that is, I would tag 11 more, but I don't know who I'd tag, so I'm just going to do a few. 

-And whoever else wants to do the tag!

On a side note, I just re-watched Tangled. Man, was it amazing! I loved the characters and the romance and the action and and and! I just loved it all. If you haven't seen it yet, you totally should, it's well worth the time. 

What did you guys think of the tag? Who do you find to be the scariest Disney villain?