Monday, May 21, 2018


Hey faeries! 

It's a long weekend for me, so I can post earlier than normal! XD The long weekend has been really relaxing for me, so that's nice. XD I think I can even finish a book I'm reading today. :P

Napstablook is a sad little ghost in Undertale. He likes to lie on the floor and feel like trash. :P XD And he listens to music a lot, too.

[source for in game picture] and [source for the fanart]
Here's the pictures I looked at while drawing Napstablook. :P The one on the left is what he looks like in the game; so I looked at that one the most when drawing. :P And the one on the right is some fanart I saw, and when I was unsure of how to draw something, I'd look at that for inspiration. Oops, didn't even realize that the fanart has music notes around it, too. XDDD I don't think I did that on purpose to kinda copy it. :P 

Napstablook wears headphones in the game, so I drew him wearing them, too. XDD

Uhm, there's really not a lot to say. Ummmm, well, I drew his basic shape really fast. XD And I had to try a number of times to get the bottom of his ghost form right. :P Soooo, yeah.

Welp, I think I'm done here! So toodles!!! 

What have you been up to this weekend?

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Vent Art

Hey faeries!

In case you don't know what vent art is, vent art is when you have a negative emotion and let it all out in drawing. 

A little while ago I was feeling pretty torn up inside about stuff, so I decided to try drawing vent art. 

I starting drawing some things and hated it, so I erased a few starts before settling down on this.

Drawing what I felt inside helped me. It calmed me down a bit.

And it also helped to just talk to God about what was on my mind. Even though, it doesn't always feel like He's actually listening and caring; He is. I know that if even if all we have to say to God is ranting and raving about life's problems and the unfairness of it all, He still wants us to come talk to Him about it. David in the Bible vented quite a bit to God.

Here's a Psalm where David vented a little. It's Psalm 42 from the Voice Bible translation; which is my favorite translation.

My soul is dry and thirsts for You, True God,
    as a deer thirsts for water.
I long for the True God who lives.
    When can I stand before Him and feel His comfort?
Right now I’m overwhelmed by my sorrow and pain;
    I can’t stop feasting on my tears.
People crowd around me and say,
    “Where is your True God whom you claim will save?
With a broken heart,
    I remember times before
When I was with Your people. Those were better days.
    I used to lead them happily into the True God’s house,
Singing with joy, shouting thanksgivings with abandon,
    joining the congregation in the celebration.
Why am I so overwrought?
    Why am I so disturbed?
Why can’t I just hope in God?
    Despite all my emotions, I will believe and praise the One
    who saves me and is my life.
My God, my soul is so traumatized;
    the only help is remembering You wherever I may be;
From the land of the Jordan to Hermon’s high place
    to Mount Mizar.
In the roar of Your waterfalls,
    ancient depths surge, calling out to the deep.
All Your waves break over me;
    am I drowning?
Yet in the light of day, the Eternal shows me His love.
    When night settles in and all is dark, He keeps me company—
    His soothing song, a prayerful melody to the True God of my life.
Even still, I will say to the True God, my rock and strength:
    “Why have You forgotten me?
Why must I live my life so depressed, crying endlessly
    while my enemies have the upper hand?”
10 My enemies taunt me.
    They shatter my soul the way a sword shatters a man’s bones.
They keep taunting all the day long,
    “Where is He, your True God?”
11 Why am I so overwrought,
    Why am I so disturbed?
Why can’t I just hope in God?
    Despite all my emotions, I will believe and praise the One
    who saves me, my God.

Where do you go when you're stressed?

Monday, May 14, 2018

Boy and Dog (I couldn't think of any other creative title than stating the obvious)

Hey there!

I hope you all had delightful weekend celebrating Mother's Day! 

I've been waiting to show you this art for weeks and now the day has finally come when I can post it! XD I had tons of fun drawing it and I feel like it one of those pictures that once you've done it and you look upon the finished product, you can't help but feel happy about it, even though you see mistakes. Does that ever happen to you? XD

Dogs aren't the usually subject I draw, but this dog was easier to draw than most. Or, I should say, it turned out better than most of the dogs I draw, not that it was super easy drawing it. (I also used a reference photo; that helped, too.) I didn't copy things exactly perfectly on my drawing. *shrugs* Like, the dog is uber fluffy in the picture, but not so much in my drawing. 

Since the setting is in a car, I thought not doing too many details for the trees and stuff  in the background wouldn't be too horrible. XD Plus, I kinda suck at bushes and trees. :P And it looks like their driving then; which would make the background appear blurry. So, that's a pretty good excuse not to draw trees, right? ;)  

You probably wondering who this guy I drew is. I drew the actor from a TV show I watch called The Flash. The actor's name is Grant Gustin. I had seen this picture of him with one of his dogs, Nora. And I just really wanted to draw it. XD

Here's the photo I used as reference. And, um, funny thing is I haven't gotten good at drawing people to look like they're older than a teenager. So... what'd you know, I drew Grant looking like a teenager instead of a young adult. Heh, oops! XD

Do you know how many times I drew Grant's cap bill? I redrew it so many darn times. >.< It just wasn't coming out the way I wanted it to! DX But, finally, after the near hundredth try, I got it. XD Not sure if I could draw a perfect cap bill now, though. :P

I think that's it I have for today. :P Next post is one of some art where I vented a little. :P Hope you're ready for it! XDD

Do you like dogs or cats better?

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Tales of the Month

Hey! I actually read a quite a few books this month!!!! Woo! Go me! XDD 

Lately, it feels like I've barely been reading five books or less a month, when normally I read more, and I read a total seven books last month!!! So this feels like a time to celebrate a little. XD (Although, sorry, three out of the seven books I read last month I don't have enough words to say about them, so I won't being talking about them on here. DX)

Secret Origins by James Riley

This book is about: Bethany and Owen said they wouldn't go book jumping again. But adventure just seems to find them, no matter how much they avoid it. A stranger is watching Bethany's house, does he know who Bethany is and what she can do? Bethany drags Owen into investigating this stalker, and together they find a portal in the man's basement leading to a whole other dimension. This dimension has superheroes and super villains, and one particularly hero, Doc Twilight, seems to be the key to finding Bethany's father! But in this dimension, the world is taken over by something called the Dark, and only Doc Twilight can stop him. Only there is one small problem, where is Doc Twilight?

Oh my flipping gosh, this book was amazing. I think Story Thieves is one of my favorite series ever. I love the characters and the humor and the story telling in general! I cannot even comprehend the ending to Secret Origins... There was so much backstory revealed in this book, it's crazy awesome.

I could go on and on about this book but I think if I kept talking I'd spoil everything... So! On to the next book!!! XD

Wires and Nerve by Marissa Meyer

This book is about: The wolf-hybrid soldiers are still on the loose, and they're causing more damage than good. The shaky peace between earth and Luna is done for if things keep going the way they are. Iko takes it upon herself to go and capture every rogue soldier and return them to Luna. Accompanied by a handsome Lunar guard, Iko soon finds out that catching the wolf soldiers is going to be harder than she expected.

I wasn't so sure I'd like this next installment to The Lunar Chronicles series, the art style wasn't at all how I thought it would be! In my opinion, I thought the art style was more for a younger audience. What helped me look past that was imagining the characters the way I imagined them when reading the novels. Once I started doing that, I enjoyed it far more than I had before.

The story itself was good; of course, since it's a graphic novel, it can't go as in depth as the other books, so some people might see that as a bit of disappointment. I still enjoyed it. :) I will most definitely read the next one!

Twilight Princess (Volume 1) by Akira Himekawa

This book is about: Link's past is something he wants desperately to leave behind, and a little village in the middle of nowhere is a good place to hide. As Link grows to love this peaceful village and it's people, something dark is happening to the rest of Hyrule. Will Link have the bravery to face his past and stand up to the darkness threatening his home?

Normally all The Legend of Zelda comic books are rated E for everyone, but, uh, this book was rated Teen... And for a good reason, it had way more graphic scenes than any of the other books. Like, ya know, someone's arm got chopped off. Heh. :P And *sigh* don't get me started on the one opening scene with the Princess of Twilight. *cough cough* Better clothes would be NICE. XDDD

That was about it for teenish content in the book, but still. XDD 

Now, don't get me wrong, this book isn't a completely horrible you-should-never-read-it-let's-burn-it-instead kind of book. The story was really cute and told in sweet, kinda slow for LOZ comic books way. And I really enjoyed it. But since it's a much darker graphic novel, I wouldn't let a young reader read it. And I wouldn't give it to a first timer of LOZ books since none of the other books are like that. 

To sum it up, it's a grim book but I liked reading about Link's backstory and the sweet village he lives in. :)

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone by J. K. Rowling

This book is about: Harry Potter is a young orphan boy living with his aunt and uncle and their bratty son. One day, on Harry's eleventh birthday, a note shows up on at his door. That letter changed everything for Harry. It told him he was a wizard and that he was invited to a school of magic called Hogwarts. At the school, Harry makes friends and some enemies. And it appears that one of his enemies, Voldemort, who had tried to kill Harry as a baby but failed, is up to no good again. Harry, his friend Ron, and Hermione take it upon themselves to find the Philosopher's Stone, which is the very thing that Voldemort's after. If the Stone got into Voldemort's hands, that would mean an end to the Hogwarts as they know it and who knows what other kinds of evil things would occur; and there's no way Harry can let that happen.  

AHHHHHHH, I LOVE THIS BOOK. SERIOUSLY, SO MUCH. XDD And, teehee, can you spot Draco on the cover??? XDDD

I think I will give a review on here two weeks from now. :P  So you'll have to wait 'til then to get my full thoughts on the first Harry Potter book. 

- - -

Whew, well, this was written later than I thought it would be. XD Hope that's with y'all. XDD

Have a great day! Stay fabulous, be glamorous and you'll don fine in life. XDD What am I even saying??? >.< XD

What are you reading?

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Water Ninja

Hey faeries! How's life? 

I'm pleased to announce that I only have 12 school days left before graduation! :O So that's means this month is my last month of school. It still hasn't quite hit me that I'm not going to do normal school next year. 

I drew this water ninja a few weeks ago. I had been watching a little more Avatar: the Last Airbender then, so I think I was inspired by it. XD

The pose is something I came up with by myself, so it's probably a little wonky. :P *looks at it and squints slightly* Hmm. Maybe I should have made her hands bigger...? Um, no, I don't think that's the problem here.

Or, on second thought, perhaps her hands are too small. Humph, never mind her hands. >.< Her feet are in totally the wrong positions!!!

I used a gray set of markers to color her. They have this little picture on the outside of the box, like they do for all art supplies, of a picture someone had done using those markers. And I like the layers of color they had done on the girl's hair in the picture, so I looked at that for coloring my own girl's hair.

I shaded the darkest shadows on the ninja's skin with black because I felt that would make it stand out a little more from all the other gray shadows.

I used the crosshatching technique for the ninja's sash around her waist. (Truth be told, the sash and belt thing looks ninja like; but also reminds me of Link's first outfit in Skyward Sword, which is the picture on the right. Heh, and that's so a cool ninja over there, that Link, he's my ninja boi! Heh. Yup, so sneaky in those bright, baggy clothes. XDDD *whispers* Ignore my strange behavior at the moment :P)

Some of my family members thought the water that girl was bending or whatever was fire. It's not... XDDD Although, I must admit that fire is definitely one of favorite elemental powers. *cough cough* No way is it just because Zuko, my grumpy prince bae, is a firebender. XD

I think I've covered everything about the art, so... Toodles!* ;)

What's your favorite elemental power?

*Totally not doing a Mettaton reference...

Monday, May 7, 2018

Draco Malfoy (AGAIN XD)

Oops! This post got a bit late! :P 

Basically, I wanted to draw Draco screaming because... Welp, um, because, um, he does it as a little kid and I wanted to draw a chibi older Draco screaming. XD That sounds weird. 

I didn't look at any reference base pictures, so it's not perfect. :P

Um, yeah, that's all I have to say for this art. XD So I guess it'll be a short post today.

See you faeries on Thursday!!!

Do you like drawing different emotions on your favorite characters?

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Swirl's Art Request!

Hey faeries!

Oh man, it rained yesterday, and now it actually looks like spring out there; instead of a dry fall! XDD A couple of my siblings and I are going to get ice cream today because its warming up outside! :P Woo! *does a little happy dance*

So! I finished the very last art request a couple of days ago. :O Swirl requested a chibi drawing of herself. :)

The hair didn't turn out quite what I had in mind... I was kinda picturing softer blending of the lighter hair with the darker hair. But, oh well, that didn't really happen. DX

Everything else, I think, went okay! Her pink hoodie totally reminds me of an old hoodie of my own. ;) You know what's funny? If I had made Swirl in the drawing have blond hair and blue eyes, it would have kinda looked like me. XDDD Which is a weird thought... :P So don't dwell on it too long. XD

I tried a different technique with the wrinkles on her pant legs, because I've seen that sometimes people's wrinkles in there pants after the knee kinda wrinkle upward, if that makes sense. But when I did it, it looked super wonky so I had to darker her pants under the knee and down so I could hide the wonkiness. >.< *crosses fingers* I hope it turned out okay even with the mess up.

I also drew tennis shoes in a style that I've never done before. I usually do Converse sneakers or something of that style. Fun Fact: Where I live, sneakers are often called runners. Don't ask me why. XD I looked up tennis shoes and used the first woman's shoe I saw and liked as a reference photo.

I've also never drawn glasses where the cross over the eyes before. I thought I'd make it look too old lady-ish if I did that, but my sis, Lost, convinced me otherwise. c: And, boy, I'm glad she did! The first pair of glasses I'd started to draw were super big ones that surrounded the whole eye. And... it looked uber nerdy. :P Not a terribly good nerdy, either. I showed Lost the first half of the glasses and she was like, "Ehhhhh." So I knew it looked pretty bad. XD Then, I used handy Google Images to find a chibi girl wearing glasses and used that as a reference picture. In the end, it turned out way better than it would have if Lost hadn't said "Ehhhhh." So thank you ever so kindly, sis, for telling me when the art I draw kinda sucks! XDD

*thinks a little* Hmm, I think that's all I have to say about the art for today! ;)

Thank you, Swirl, for requesting art from me! I had so much fun drawing it! ^.^ And you were super helpful when I wanted to ask questions and had to clarify things! *hugs* Thanks!!!!

And thank you to all of you who requested art!!!!! I enjoyed drawing all the art you asked for! ;D Thank you for being patient with me since it took me quite awhile to get started on drawing the requests.

Here is a list of all the posts in which the requested art showed up:

One last time, thanks for requesting art!