Monday, April 23, 2018

Vyntyri - art request

Hey faeries!

I hope you're happy! 'Cause I'm happy! I've finished another art request and I have another one almost done. ;)

Today's art request was from Tracey, my older sister. She wanted me to draw on of her OCs, an evil fairy lady named Vyntyri. 

Tracey was very kind to me and answered my questions and gave lots of reference pictures for how her character was supposed to look like. So thanks, sis, for the pictures and putting up with my constant questions! XD

I tried a little something different with how I colored her. Normally, I color lightest to darkest with shading and stuff. But this time, I colored the darkest parts first. I'm not sure if it really changed a whole lot with how it turned out in the end; but I think I like it. XDD

I was thinking of the way Greek goddesses dress or how I picture how the way goddesses dress when I drew Tracey's character. Egyptian outfits might have been floating around my head, too. XDD Even though, I don't think Egyptian princesses dress that way. :P And I was also thinking of elfin clothes. So basically, I thought of a lot of random things and smushed them together in one drawing. XDD   

I added purple shading to Vyntyri's hair. And when I first colored it in, it was waaaaaay too bright. Made her look like a punk rocker or something. So I erased all of her hair lightly and then colored over with a pale gray again. You can still see the purple but it's not in your face anymore; which was how I wanted it to be.

I also don't really have that many skin tone colors in my set of colored pencils. I have this brown I like to use for shading skin in my drawings, so I used that as the first layer of color for Vyntyri's skin on my picture. It turned out really red-ish brown, so I erased it most of it, but kept a little so you could still see it. Then I colored it over the second time with my peach skin tone colored pencil. After that, I was happy with the skin tone color. XD

Vyntyri is way older than a teenager (which is the age I normally draw :P) so I tried to make her older looking. I think the way I shaped her eyes makes her look older, but I'm not entirely sure. What do you guys think? XD

Thanks again, Tracey, for requesting art! It was quite a fun request to draw; I've never drawn someone looking that before. And I love drawing new things all the time. XD

I have three more art requests left! I should have them all finished by next week Thursday. :D

Thursday, April 19, 2018

I Made a Comic! (But Not Really.)




Uhm, that's not quite how the song goes. :1 Heh. O,o Oopsie.

So, faeries, it looks like I'm back again for the second post this week!

A couple of weeks ago, maybe longer or shorter, I don't really now. Ahem! I mean, a while ago! I got an idea for a drawing. Kinda of a joke drawing. So I guess it would be a comic, but it's not really that, either. I guess you'll have to decide for yourselves if its a comic or not.

I've seen couple pictures of Draco in the first Harry Potter movies where he is wearing this strange little toque... He, like, wears it on the top of head so its barely staying there and it's really long, so it goes to a point at the end, which sticks up in the air. Now, you might be thinking, "Oh, I know what kind of hat that is, Chloe! That's easy to tell! It's a wizard hat. Like, dur, Draco is a wizard so it makes sense if he wore a wizard hat!" 

But, um, no. It's most definitely not a wizard hat. It's a toque... >.<

See? That's not a wizard hat. :P 

So anyway! I randomly thought of what Draco would look like when he's a young adult with that toque on. I decided to draw it. And now you've seen the result of that decision. XD

I added the speech bubble for clarity about the what the picture really means. And to be a little bit funny. XD 

It was rather hard to draw that hand that's pointing up on my Draco picture, but my own hand was a willing model. XD 

I think I've basically memorized Draco's outfit by now (or at least, one of his outfits :P).

I have a lot more comics that are bouncing around in my head, so you'll see some more in the next while. :)

Do you like reading comics?

Monday, April 16, 2018

Sarah's Art Request

Hey! Did ya miss me yet?! XD 

I hope you're as excited for this post as I am! 

Sarah! I finished your art request! I hope you are happy with ittttttt! I had a lot of fun drawing and coloring it. Tracey, my sister, gave me the idea to have the black hair have a blueish tinge to it. :D I colored it that way to differentiate between other blacks in the character's outfit. 

This is one of the first times I erased a little on a person's clothes to give it lighter areas where the light would shine on it. I'm quite happy with the way it turned out, so I think I'll do it more. XD

Sarah's character, Kira, is supposed to have a sad smile; I'm not sure if I accomplished that or not. I don't normal draw sad smiles, to be honest. It was fun, though! To make the girl's eyes look sadder I left a white spot at the bottom of her eyes to make them almost slightly teary...? I don't think teary is the right word to describe them but I don't what other word to use. 

Thank you so much, Sarah, for being so helpful when I had so many questions to ask about how Kira looked like! *whispers* I hope I didn't bother you too much. >.< It was quite enjoyable to get to draw fanart of one of your characters!!! :D

- - -

The next art request I'm planning to do is Tracey's! I hope to be able to draw it this week, if school isn't too intense. XD

I'll see you faeries on Thursday! Cheers! ;)

What do you like to draw the most? Fanart or things you made up yourself?

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Random Art and Art Request Not Done as I Promised it Would Be (sorry about that!) and New Posting Schedule!

*hums to song I'm listening to* 


*foot bounces to the tune* 


*fingers start tapping to the melody*


*sways a little*


*starts danc-*

Okay! I need to stop! XD 

Ahem. I am completely calm. 

*looks away innocently*

Whaaaat? I did not have coffee before writing this post. Heh, heh, why would you think THAT? It's not like I'm acting hyper again! Nope, no way! This girly is not crazy, at allllllllll. *laughs weirdly then coughs because it looks like I'm hyper if I laugh like that and I'm trying to convince you guys I did not drink coffee but is failing so miserably that I break down with plenty of tears and snot and confess that I did indeed drink a cup of coffee and then I beg for forgiveness and promise never to touch that drink again, but we all know that I can't resist a good cup of java and will go back to my old ways in a blink of an eye* 

OM. I'm so, so weird. XD Ignore that crazy intro. :P

You guys remember me drawing the Korok, Makar? Well, this is one of his friends named Hollo. I felt like drawing one more of these little guys. And I have to say, I think this guy turned out better than Makar. D: #Oops. #IshouldhaveshownyouhowtodrawHolloinsteadofMakarbecausethenyouwouldknowhowtodrawthebetteronenottheuglierone :P (If anyone can tell what the loooooonnnnngggg hashtag says, then you get a gold star! XD)

Hollo is like a lot of other Koroks in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild game in the fact that he carries two sticks with berries of some sort on them. But I didn't draw Hollo from BOTW; he is technically from Wind Waker. 

*looks at the picture some more and shakes head a little* Hollo has such a strange nose. XDDD But that's how it looks like in the game, so *shrugs* oh well. :P He'll just have to deal with having a very pointy nose... Annnnnd eyes that are different sizes and a funny mouth/chin thingabob???? XDD

I finished coloring my picture of some of Draco's emotions. :D I really, really like the neutral expression. XD I don't know why, but that's my favorite of all the faces I drew on here. ^.^ 

In case you were wondering, when I color his sweater that he wears over the collared shirt, I color it first with a regular black pencil. And the colored pencil I have likes leaving little white spots everywhere unless you color ├╝ber hard, so I then color it over with my white pencil. 

(Fun Fact: for the longest time I had no idea what the use of a white colored pencil was, but recently-ish I found it is quite handy for blending colors. It kinda smooths them out, if that makes sense. XD Also I have no idea if I have told you all about the white pencil thing before, so sorry if I have!

And then, once I finished coloring all sweater with white, I use another black I have that colors denser than my first black. I shade it with the denser black colored pencil. (The denser black colored pencil is a Prismacolor brand pencil and the other colored pencils I use all the time are of the Staedtler brand.)

- - -

I'm so so so sorry! I promised last week that I would have maybe two art requests done by this week. And-and-and- *bursts into tears* I DIDN'T. I don't. I haven't. I should've. I could've. And *insert all the others words for I lied and didn't do what I promised.* DX

I'm very sorry I didn't get the first one done. I'm super close, though. I have, like, less than half of the picture to color...?

So instead of being able to post the fully colored art request from Sarah (she was the first one to ask for art, and I'm doing a first come, first served kind of thing), I'll show you all a sneak peek of what I've colored so far!

What do you think so far? After I had inked it... I realized I forgot an important detail to Sarah's request. :1 She's supposed to have a cloak. 

And I didn't add it. 


I feel like I'm saying sorry a lot in this post. I'm terribly, terribly sorry, Sarah!!!! I hope you can forgive me... :( I'll try my hardest to make the rest of the coloring make up for that. 

- - -

You're all probably wondering why the ham and eggs would I want a new posting schedule. The reason is... with this new schedule, I'll be posting more frequently and there will be more art spread through out; instead of having an art dump every couple of weeks. I want to share my art with you more. :) 

So! My schedule will be posting every other Saturday instead of each Saturday. No! Don't worry! I'm not finished telling you my whole new schedule yet. And I'll post on every Monday and Thursday! Those two extra post will be a lot shorter because I'll just be posting one piece of art I've done recently, but it won't mean less content for my blog. 

I hope this is okay with you! I really feel like this help me show you more art, which I want to do so badly. If this new schedule is not working for me in the next couple months, I'll switch back to my old one. But starting this week, I'll start the new schedule. :) I'm rather excited! XD

See you on Monday, faeries!!!

*bursts into song*

♫I guess I'm stuck here,

Until my luck clears,

Blue skies painted in my eyes!♫

*wants to keep going but holds back because that would be weird if I sang a whole song on my blog*

*mumbles* I'm. Still. Completely. Normal. 

Heh! Who am I kidding? ♫I'm an oddity but that's alright!

What's your thoughts on my new schedule? 

Saturday, April 7, 2018

Tales of the Month and Art Request Update

*talks in a nice old lady way* Hello, hello! So nice of you to drop by! I hope you'll stay long enough for tea and crumpets.


*stares at what I just typed*

What am I doing?!


Don't ask.  :/ I think it's the coffee again.

*glares at the cold cup of coffee I have sitting next to me*

*Cold Cup of Coffee stares back innocently*

*pauses the music I'm listening to and grabs Cold Cup of Coffee to warm up in the microwave and grumbles the whole way about how this mug can't keep the coffee warm long enough for me to drink it properly*

XDD I have no idea what the heck that was all about. *shrugs* OH WELL. I GUESS YOU'LL JUST HAVE TO DEAL WITH HYPER CHLOE TODAY.

Gravestone by Travis Thrasher

This book is about: After a tragic incident, Chris is left feeling empty. He's always been watched and told that's better to lay low and not do anything, rather than risk everything and know the truth. But in a town like Solitary, where there seems to be more darkness than light, the truth comes at a high price. Chris is torn between keeping his friends and family safe by not investigating the secrets of Solitary or seeking out the source of this darkness that haunts him and destroying it for good.

This was a really good book. But the author is super talented, he can make it feel like so many months have passed for you and you've only been reading the book for, like, a few days. XDD So that was a kinda cool feeling but it was also a tad bit depressing because Chris is feeling so sad. So things are like a blur to him. And he spends most of his time doing the same things and has this pattern of what he does for months on end. Which happens to me in real life, but it's strange reading a book like that. 

All in all, it was a very good book! And I'm super curious about the next one because I've that readers can get very frustrated at Chris. :P 

Run for Cover by Eva Gray

This book is about: Rosie and her three new friends are now certain about what's actually happening at the school. As they make their escape, they soon find that they need to trust one another if they're are going to get to safety. Rosie knows the cost of what it takes to survive, but will they listen to her? And can she trust them with a secret she's never told anyone before?   

I love how this is such a short book but it's written in such a way that there's character growth and you slowly learn more and more about character's backstories and ahhh, its way better than I thought it would be! XD The series is written by four different authors under one name. One for each book, so one for each character. Run for Cover is written by Tui T. Sutherland! And it so feels like Sutherland's writing style! XD (I love her books. #WingsofFirefanforlife and #PetTroubleisadorable) I really like this series. :)

Majora's Mask by Akira Himekawa

This book is about: This book takes place right after Ocarina of Time, so Ganon has just been sealed away and peace has returned to Hyrule. Link's fairy, Navi, is missing. So Link is off again, this time searching for her. He stumbles upon a strange kid, Skull Kid, with a mask, on his journey. The mask, called Majora's Mask, is one that has the power to grant the wearer's every wish. Skull Kid uses this magic to transport Link to a similar but very different universe and turns Link into a Deku Nut! Link tries to find his way back to normal and to Hyrule, but he soon realizes this new world needs a hero more than Hyrule does right now. Does Link have enough strength to save that world from total destruction? 

I love rereading and rereading these Legend of Zelda graphic novels so very much. And the art style and characters are just purely fun to visit again and again. I have read almost every single of the books, except for three, the two Twilight Princess ones and Phantom Hourglass. 

It took me a little while, when I was new to these books, to read the book from right to left, like they do in Japan. But once you're comfortable doing that, it's very easy to read! And I can read one of these in like a day because I can't get enough of Link. XDD

- - -

I want to let all of you who requested art that I should have two pieces done by next week!!! I'm in the middle of working on one now and the next one should be done soon if I can enough to time to draw. XD I can't wait to share them with you!!! :O

Do you have a favorite genre of books to read?

Saturday, March 31, 2018

Draw Your Favorite Scene - art tag

Hey faeries! *waves*

Sarahkey8 tagged me a couple weeks ago for a art tag called "Draw Your Favorite Scene."

There isn't really any certain rules for this tag. XD I'm assuming that if you want to do this tag, you have to use the picture that Sarah made. :D And tag a few more people, of course. ^.^

Picture made by Sarahkey8

1. What scene would you draw?

Hmmm. This is a super tough question... I think I'd like to draw a scene from one of my favorite series ever, Tyme. It's a fairy tale retelling series. It only has two books so far in the series, but there's one coming out in summer.


There's this really cute scene in the first book, "Grounded: the Adventures of Rapunzel." It's where the main character, Rapunzel and her friend Jack and a pet frog, named Prince Frog have taken rest. It's raining and their in a forest. And Jack had helped Rapunzel use her hair to make a canopy under a tree so rain wouldn't come down on them. Rapunzel is sleeping and Jack was staying up to watch out for bad guys. 

I kinda pictured Jack hugging his knees up to his chest and staring out into the rain sadly and the frog just sitting beside him. And it'd just be so cute!    

2. Why this particular scene?

I'm not sure, exactly. I love those characters a ton and the story itself is amazing. So I, of course, want to draw fan art. XD

And I have this image in my head I can't shake of how I want to draw it. (I think I'd have to draw it online, though. :P) I'm thinking all the colors would be soft and there would be no outlines and even the shadowing would look soft. Does that make sense? 

3. What do you think the easiest part would be?

Uhm. The frog? XDD 

4. What do you think the hardest part would be?

Probably to make Rapunzel look like she actually on the ground sleeping and Jack actually sitting. And just the whole scenery, in general. XDD I need to work on scenery and having characters look like they're in that scene, not just pasted there. XD

5. What would be the funnest part?

*thinks* Well, I like challenges in my art. So it might be the hardest parts that I will enjoy drawing quite a bit. :) And I probably will also have lots of fun coloring Rapunzel's hair. XD

6. Will you ever get to drawing this scene?

Yes. I'd love to draw this scene! Once I'm done all the art requests and another project I should have done a long time ago, I will then draw it. :3 

- - -

Welp, that was a fun tag! Thanks again for tagging me, Sarah! I had lots of fun!!! :D

Now I'm going to tag...


XD *whispers* That means you. Yes, you. You, the person who is reading this. You don't have to be an artist... I think. :P 

Well, anyhoo and anyhow! I hope you all have a wonderful Easter! <3 

Saturday, March 24, 2018

One of My Fave Songs by Owl City

I have this thing where I find a song I love and I listen to it all the time. And Owl City is, like, one of my all time favorite bands, so it makes sense that one of his songs would be one I'd listen to lots. XD

Tidal Wave

Tidal Wave is the song I'll listen to over and over again. There's this one line in it where Owl City sings: "I forget the last time I felt brave, I just recall insecurity." 

That's sometimes the way I feel. I feel as if I don't do anything that's grand or big. Like, I'm a coward for not stepping out of my comfort zone very much. Because I feel as if I just don't know how.

I know that sounds really, really, negative and sad and depressing and every other synonym for unhappy. 

I'm not even sure what I'm trying to get across here. I just want to let all of you who are scared and worried that you are not alone. You are never alone. 

Even if you do something that seems really small that scares you, you're being brave. I don't care if it seems like everyone else was doing that small scary thing long before you. It's your life, not anyone else's. Don't get discouraged if you feel like you're not growing or changing. Change takes time. 

Keep resting in the love God has for you and you'll find that one day, when you need to stand up for something big, you'll have the strength to do it and be brave, be courageous

And do you know why you'll be able to do it? 

It's because for a long time you were learning how much your Heavenly Father loves you with an impossibly huge love, that it doesn't matter to you anymore what other people think. It doesn't matter if you fall or fail. Because you know that God's right there with you and He will help you get back up and encourage you and give you all the grace and mercy and love you'll ever need. 

- - -

Wow, I wasn't expecting to get all deep on you guys. XD I think I was figuring things out for myself, too, as I was typing that up there. 

So... *takes a deep breath and lets it out slowly* Yeah, that's what I wanted to tell you guys. :P The song, Tidal Wave, ends in a much happier note than when it started. It talks about courage is now coming over like a tidal wave. And how you don't need a telescope to see there's hope. 

Rest in God's love and you'll find the courage you need.